Welcome to TrainingPlus

TrainingPlus has gained success working with organisations around New Zealand developing robust strategies to enhance performance and achieve a variety of organisational goals and objectives.

Our expert facilitators deliver a broad range of customised training programs that develop leadership capability, address cultural diversity, improve workplace culture, reduce conflict, address communication issues, lower organisational friction and improve time management/personal effectiveness.

Mission Statement

"To enhance people and performance and establish positive life patterns, through management coaching and strategic training using facilitated and customised organisational training solutions."

Our Approuch

TrainingPlus has developed DRIVE, a highly customisable change management tool that serves as a learning structure on which organisational and personal empowerment and performance can be enhanced.

Training Programmes

TrainingPlus has a wide range of training solutions available, coupled with the ability to work closely with clients to create or customise content which meets specific business objectives. Consideration is given to an organisation’s culture in order to deliver the best fit.

To find out how TrainingPlus can help your business better achieve it's objectives please contact us for more information.

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